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Aims to:

-Empower Women of Color

-Build Self-Esteem

-Provide Educational Resources and Access

-Build Camaraderie

-Dismantle Mental Limitations

GG founded Black Girls Can Bowl 2 'BGCB2' in January 2017.  When GG participated in her first-ever Team USA Trials in 2014, out of about 100 women competing, there were only 3 Black and Brown women, including herself.  At the 2017 Team USA Trials, she noticed there were still only 3-4 Black and Brown women competing.  Although she didn't fulfill her goal of making the team that year, she congratulated everyone.  During the ceremony where the members receive their team USA jackets and medallions, GG observed no Black or Brown women on either the youth or adult team; there also weren't any Black or Brown men on the team.  Not seeing anyone who resembled herself is how BGCB2 began.  Participation at Team USA Trials increased from 3 Black and Brown women in 2014 to 12 in 2019.  During GG's four years of college, she was the only Black female bowler on the University of Nebraska Women's Bowling Team.  Throughout her four years, she barely spoke to other Black female athletes from the other teams who attended the same tournaments.  She wanted to change that for future athletes, and she did.  


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On social media, we highlight and recognize Black and Brown women who are underrepresented in the sport of bowling.  There are no restrictions on the age and level at which we bowl. 

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