Perspective & Gratitude

"Open your Mind, Change your View, and Leave your Mark." - NO FILTER


While attending the University of Nebraska GG was fortunate enough to be one of the student-athletes selected to attend a "NO FILTER" service trip in Tipitapa, Nicaragua.  This trip consisted of helping build a school in one of the less fortunate communities in Tipitapa. 

"NO FILTER was designed to disrupt this mindset. The Nebraska student-athletes selected to be a part of this group were encouraged to see the world in ways they might otherwise miss. To think before they speak, before they act - understanding that regardless of where they are in the world, we all have different experiences and circumstances that have shaped our lives and our realities." - NU Athletic Communications

"I feel most of America, including myself take the smallest things for granted.  The next time I catch myself complaining about doing something around the house my mom asked me to do; in the back of my mind will be my friends in Tipitapa who have homes made out of garbage bags, metal, and any other materials they can find who don't complain about their circumstances, but embrace them and keep going." - GG

Posted: November, 27 2019